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Author Guidelines

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A guide for authors
Requirements for the article
Manuscripts of scientific works that have not been previously published and are not submitted to another professional journal are accepted for this international journal.
Articles are published in Ukrainian, English, Russian and Polish.
Content of the article
- formulation of the problem
- historiography
- literature review
- setting objectives
- methodology
- presentation of the main research material
- conclusions
It is necessary to provide references to all sources used by the authors when writing the article. The list of sources (not less than 8) should be given in the order in which they are mentioned in the text, in square brackets with the source number of the page: [1, p. 243]. In the case of a general reference to several sources, they are given through a dash: [1-5]. The list of used sources should be drawn up in accordance with DSTU 8302-2015 "Information and documentation. Bibliographic link. General provisions and rules of compilation ".
The volume of the article is 10-15 pages (A-4 format, Times New Roman font, 14 point, spacing - 1.5, margins - 2 cm, the text should be printed in Microsoft Word (file type - text in RTF or DOC format) X)). Figures, graphs and tables must be numbered and named.
The material publishes:
ORCID, surname and name of the author - in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish;
title of the article - in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish;
keywords - in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish;
information about the authors (in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish): surname, name, patronymic (in full); full name of the organization, position; academic title, scientific degree; ;
extended annotation in Ukrainian and English, Polish, which should contain: problem statement, purpose, summary of the content of the article (without formulas, figures, tables), conclusions (problem setting, aim of the study, results, conclusions). Volume - from 200 to 250 words, the annotation is submitted on a separate sheet and in electronic form.
Headings of the quarterly international scientific journal:
- Experimental psychology
- Folklore
- History
- Anthropology
- Philosophy
- Genetics
- Sociology
- Evolutionary biology
- Biochemistry
- Neuroscience
The cost of publication
Payment for the submitted material is made after review and approval for printing.
The cost of one page of printed text is UAH 50.